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Is it Worth Buying Your Own Skis?


If you have been skiing for some time and absolutely love the sport, you might be wondering if it would be better to invest in your own skis rather than continuing to hire them as and when you need them. There are some obvious pros in terms of owning your skis, but there are also a few downsides too.

For example, if you own your skis, you can head to the piste as soon as you are ready without having to wait for the hire store to open. You will get a feel for the skis and will know exactly how they work, meaning you won’t have to get used to a new set each time. But according to the folk at Utah’s Canyon Sports, if you own your skis, you will need to make sure they are kept in good condition. This means regular ski tunes. Furthermore, if you own your skis, you will need to take them to and from the slopes each time. This could mean carrying them to an airport, depending on which resort you are traveling to. This can be a major hassle, on top of taking equipment such as skis on a flight probably meaning you are likely to have to pay more for the privilege.

Think Carefully Before You Buy

While the cost of buying your own skis may not be too high, you do need to consider which skis are right for the type of skiing that you do. It is important to do your research before buying to ensure you are making the right choice.

Consider the fact that owning your skis means that you will have to either tune it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you. Ski tuning is important because it will keep your skis running as efficiently as possible over the snow. Moreover, even with regular tuning, your skis will need to be replaced. How quickly you will need new skis will depend on how often you use them and of course, how well you look after them. The average lifespan of skis is between three and five years, or around 100-125 ski days.

Which Skis to Buy?

Maybe you feel that investing in a set of skis is worth it, especially if you are paying a lot for ski rental over the course of a season, and you are more than happy to lug your skis around with you. If so, you might now be wondering what type of skis to purchase. There is certainly plenty of choice.

All-mountain skis are perhaps the best for casual skiers because they work well on and off piste. They are also slightly wider underneath the feet, so they do provide a good level of support on soft snow. Piste skis, on the other hand, are quite narrow and are designed primarily for firmer snow. You will also find other options available including touring skis, freestyle skis, freeride skis, and race skis.

It is best to get advice before buying skis because there is no point in investing in a set that are not suited to your skiing ability. You might even find that it is better to stick to ski rental, particularly if you only ski once or twice per year. One reason is that the technology changes regularly and you could find that even though your skis are still in great condition, they are inferior to those available in the hire store.

To conclude, buying your own skis is a personal choice, but if you do invest you need to make sure you buy the right pair and are committed to taking care of them.

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