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5 Dubai’s Remarkable Cinemas to Discover


Being a movie buff, you have a lot to discover in Dubai and honestly, it is the city paving a way for you to reshape your experience of watching a move on a larger screen, so never miss a chance of adding some luxury to it during a Dubai’s vacation. Among plenty of options, you can choose the accurate ones meeting your own budget and requirements but that asks you for little effort of a proper research on the internet.

Honestly, as time passes by, you find cinemas of the city offering a wide array of watching options beyond the average practice of settling for a basket of popcorn while watching a movie. It means that get ready to have a whole new experience of watching films in the world’s most advanced city. Followings are some magnificent cinemas that you can visit while discovering Dubai and get the unforgettable experience of watching films.

1-Reel Cinema

This incredible cinema is situated at the famous Dubai Mall, so after getting done with shopping, you should watch your favorite film with the great ease and it is known as the luxurious option of watching movies, so do watch a move there. It has been equipped with the 26 large screens and the sound quality really makes you feel in the movie and go with the most suitable screen to enjoy maximum. While booking hotels and tickets, never forget to use the coupons when it comes to Dubai because it helps you to make a tour inexpensive.

2-Novo Cinema

In the category of top-class cinemas of the city, it also has the great importance and it has 21 screens giving you the comfort to watch a movie on the one being right for you. You also come across the options such IMAX, 3D and much more, so gear-up to boost the experience of seeing your preferred movie.

3-Snow Cinema

Hey, do you wish to watch a movie in a place surrounded by the great snow? Well, if yes then do visit this awesome spot giving you this incredible experience. This unique entertainment spot is located at the Mall of the Emirates and while discovering this spot, you notice a bunch of people in line grabbing tickets showing its fame.

4-Vox Cinema

This cinema is located at the Deira City Centre and it is the largest cinema in the city visited by many people each day and you can select from a wide array of screen options, so go with the most accurate one to make your experience more pleasant. Moreover, you also have the option of making your specific film experience by opting for the food, drinks and theatre of your unique choice.

5-Roxy Cinema

It is packed with a wide array of ticket options, an awesome ambience with the most luxury seats and with that, you also witness the top-class video and audio quality, so do visit this cinema too. Having done with your movie, you can also have an experience of the stunning outdoor mall offering everything from shopping to dining.

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