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The Benefits of Taking a Walking Tour of Every New City


Whenever you travel to a new city, there are so many sights and attractions to explore. But how can you make sure you don’t miss the best parts? Taking a free walking tour is an amazing way to get acquainted with a new city and learn more about its culture, history, and stories. Here are some of the top benefits of taking a walking tour every time you visit a new destination, regardless of whether you’re backpacking solo or looking to split travel group expenses with friends.

Get Your Bearings 

The first benefit of taking a free walking tour is that it allows you to get your bearings quickly. Instead of having to map out your route yourself, or relying on Google Maps for directions in an unfamiliar place, you can simply follow your guide as they show you around town. That way, you won’t find yourself lost or having trouble navigating the city streets. Plus, your guide will be able to provide helpful tips and advice on where else to visit while you’re in town.

Learn Local History & Culture

On any given walking tour, you’ll learn all about the local history, culture, and stories of the city or town. You’ll get to hear fascinating details that aren’t in guidebooks or online resources. Your tour guide will likely also give tips on where to eat, shop, and hang out once your tour is over.

Get Insider Tips

Your local tour guide will likely give insider tips on what to do in their city that only locals know about. This means you won’t have to worry about getting lost or going somewhere touristy – you’ll be able to discover hidden gems and unique experiences like a true local would!

Make New Friends

Free walking tours often attract people from all walks of life who share similar interests – travelling! Many times during your tour, it won’t feel like you’re just listening to someone lecture; it will feel like hanging out with friends as you explore together. No matter where your travels take you next, it never hurts to make more friends along the way.

Save Money

One great thing about free walking tours is that they don’t cost anything! Not everyone has the budget for expensive guided tours, but free walking tours allow anyone with an adventurous spirit to explore without breaking the bank. It’s also much easier than trying to navigate around a new place on your own since someone else is already doing all the hard work for you.

 Taking a free walking tour when visiting a new city is an amazing way to fully experience its culture and learn more about its history without breaking the bank

From learning insider tips from locals to making new friends along the way, there are plenty of benefits that come with taking these kinds of tours every time you arrive at a new destination. So don’t hesitate – the next time you’re exploring somewhere new, take advantage of these awesome opportunities by signing up for one (or more!) free walking tours!

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