Happy Holidays After the Holidays from Catchin’ Caicos


‘Tis the season to escape blustery winter weather and wake up in the tropics, warm and lush, sweet and inviting. In-the-know travelers will be turning to the Turks and Caicos Islands, an oasis complete with unrelenting sunshine and immaculate temperatures. While vacation invites the opportunity to unwind and become entranced by the calm, there tends to be a sense of adventure that calls people in a new environment looking to make the most out of their time. Catchin’ Caicos, the foremost private fishing charter in the Turks and Caicos Islands, seamlessly creates the quintessential family experience with action, adventure and relaxation.

The winter season in the Providenciales region of the Turks and Caicos Islands is immaculate for reeling in the highest quality deep-sea fish. Mahi-mahi, Sailfish, Grouper, Snapper and Wahoo are the species anglers are most likely to encounter in the months of January and February as they are some of the most robust and active in these waters.


In its dedication to upper echelon service and hospitality to its guests, Catchin’ Caicos offers two elevated cruising options – the 36’ Benchmark Catamaran and the 60’ Hatteras yacht – both of which are outfitted with powerful engines and spacious decks to reel in tonight’s feast or simply relax in peace.

Each immaculate vessel comes standard with industry-grade fishing gear: Talica TAC50II Drag Reels on the Benchmark and Shimano Tiagra TI80WA 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels on the Hatteras, both mounted on Blackfin rods to guarantee zero friction when closing in on that winning catch.These two durable combinations of rod and reel are able to sustain battles with the grittiest fish on the line…as well as bolstering friendly family competition for who can catch the bigger fish.

Once angling is over, Catchin Caicos’ pristine watercraft will shuttle visitors and their hard-earned feasts back to dock where they can bring their catch to a local restaurant for a home-cooked, family style meal. Restaurants like Omar’s Beach Hut are known to welcome Catchin’ Caicos guests of all party sizes right by the water’s edge.

Catchin’ Caicos sits unabashedly amongst the upper echelon of luxury sports fishing adventures on account of their continuously unrivaled dedication to excellent service. Each time they grace the waters, Captain Roy aka “The Fish Whisperer,” Captain Codney and their corresponding crew inspire and encourage expeditioners of all ages and expertise to catch the sea’s feistiest fish.

An impeccable TripAdvisor repertoire further strengthens the Catchin’ Caicos experience, with 72 out of 74 reviews rating the charter group 5/5 stars. TripAdvisor reviewer Jennifer P wrote a glowing review emphasizing Catchin’s dedication to “phenomenal, professional and incredibly responsive” service.

“We had a wonderful experience working with CJ! She was incredibly professional, responded to my request immediately, and she was an overall delightful person to work with and answered all of my questions for booking a charter for my husband! Please ask for CJ when booking your charter! I am definitely planning on working with CJ for future bookings and have recommended her to my friends who will be traveling this year. Thank you, CJ, for getting back to me so quickly and for being so kind and helpful!” wrote Jennifer.

Another satisfied TripAdvisor reviewer, Andre L, reflected upon his experience as “bottom fishing at its finest,” featuring a “super attentive first mate named Nick and very knowledgeable captain. [We] did some bottom fishing and caught Red Snapper, Yellow Tails, Grouper, Grey Snapper, Trigger fish and a few other species.”

Andre summarized his trip by emphasizing the simple, blissful elements of it all. “Good times, spectacular views and a bunch of laughs with the first mate! If you plan on booking a charter, look no further,” said Andre.

While there is plenty of work done behind the scenes, Catchin’ Caicos effortlessly blends every component of tranquility and euphoria imaginable into one adventure, focusing on festivities, full relaxation and, most importantly, family. It is without question that guests leave the experience feeling connected with family bonds strengthened for a lifetime. The allure, serenity and communal feeling of the tropical Turks and Caicos is displayed perfectly during these unforgettable luxury charter excursions. This season, Catchin’ Caicos is offering sunset cruises, snorkeling adventure charters and relaxation day-trips to the always-available fishing charters.

January through March is peak tourist season and luxury charter slots are filling up quickly, so please book promptly. For more information or to book an experience, visit Catchin’ Caicos’ website or call 649-244-2927.

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