Must-Visit Places in Dubai: Top 3 Must-Visit Attractions


It is difficult to select the 3 best things to see in Dubai among so many fun and essential activities to do. We are talking about a super tourist city and, therefore, full of options for all ages. So you should rather ask yourself, what do you expect from the Dubai capital?

For starters, Dubai’s skyline is impressive and will soon captivate those who love architecture. Get ready to see many modern buildings, 7-star hotels, spectacular attractions that surpass those you could find in Disneyland or Las Vegas, and fine dining restaurants where you can savor delicacies brought from anywhere in the world.

Indispensable Top 10 Dubai 2022

But what is the most surprising thing about Dubai? Without hesitation, I can tell you what surprised me the most about the city on my first trip: its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, how easy it is to get around the city, despite the high traffic, thanks to its modern metro system. autonomous and, above all, an avant-garde architecture that defies heights.


One piece of advice… prepare your portfolio. Dubai is not a cheap destination. But if you’re traveling on a tight budget, you should know that even if you can’t afford to sleep in a luxury hotel, you don’t have to miss out on discovering what’s unique in Dubai.

To save the most, choose offers, combos or discount cards, and affordable attractions. Plan ahead for visits to luxury hotels in Dubai, make dinner reservations at Burj Al-Arab or sip a late-afternoon cocktail while enjoying views of Burj Khalifa from The Address Dubai Mall terrace  — a somewhat cheaper hotel for emirate prices.

Many of these activities are already included in the Dubai Explorer Pass tourist card with which you can save 50% on tickets. Attractions and food are not cheap in Dubai. But the latter is not a problem either: you have hundreds of supermarkets and small food stores scattered throughout the city where you can eat at affordable prices.​​

A safe destination

As more than half of the population was not born in the country, Dubai has a great multicultural atmosphere. Both in gastronomy and in the leisure activities and events that are organized. In other words, it is very easy to walk and have fun in Dubai alone, accompanied or with children. The city is quite safe.

What to see in Dubai: selection of essential attractions

There is a lot to see in Dubai. In recent years, the Emirate’s capital has undergone a radical transformation. The unstoppable urban development has promoted multiple and creative architectural projects, each more ambitious, which have placed it at the top of the list of most desired tourist destinations. Here are the top ten must-see attractions and sights you won’t want to miss when you visit Dubai.

1. What to see in Dubai Mall

In a city so known for luxury, it’s no wonder that its biggest shopping mall, the  Dubai Mall,  is a must-see. It’s gigantic! A super shopping center (everything is super in Dubai) that, in addition to large brand stores, includes 150 restaurants, the largest aquarium in the world, a skating rink, a zoo, a large landscaped park,…

Despite having been several times, I have never seen it completely. In addition to shopping, from here you can enter the Burj Khalifa, ice skate all year round, have fun in a large arcade and go to the movies.

Outside, a lot of other shops, a souk of artisan products, and a large artificial lake shared with the Burj Khalifa, where the Dubai Fountains are located, a version of the Bellagio in Las Vegas that does not detract at all, it surpasses them in everything! 

Every day, with two performances at noon and another 14 in the afternoon, the spectacular play of lights and dancing water jets takes place. The best location to see the show is from the terrace of the Mall.

2. The Palm Jumeirah

The essential points that you see in Dubai are the two artificial palm-shaped islands, of the three built on the coast: Palm Jebel Ali, the largest and still under construction, and Palm  Jumeirah, which already has luxury mansions and a water park. The uniqueness of this land reclaimed from the sea is its palm tree shape (which can be seen from space), where hundreds of condominiums and luxury villas are built on each of its branches. It is one of the most iconic postcards of the city and, the best thing is to see it from above!

In the outer arch of Palm Island is the famous Atlantis-​The Palm resort, a huge 7-star tourist complex with shops, luxury hotels, a private beach, and a large aquarium.

3. Dubai desert

The city may be more famous for its spectacular skyscrapers and magnificent attractions, but Dubai’s golden desert remains as must-see as ever. One of the best things to do in Dubai is to cross the dunes and sands enjoying an essential desert safari.

There are several guides that offer excursions through the desert: some more complete, with a show, dinner, and tour in all-terrain vehicles or on a camel ride; and others that include a romantic dinner or show. The ideal is to do a half-day tour, crossing the Arabian desert aboard a 4×4 car, to see the sunset over the dunes, and end the day with a dinner show in a Bedouin camp. 

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