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7 Reasons to Go for a Desert Safari Tour in Dubai


Various fun-filled activities can be enjoyed in Dubai while gazing at the ethereal view of the skyline. Watersports and adventure rides are a must to enjoy at this place with the warmth of the setting sun on the beaches of Jumeirah. Among the various tours, rides, and attractions to enjoy in Dubai, the Dubai desert safari is a tour to engage oneself in.

Let us check out the 7 best reasons to enjoy the Dubai desert safari while having a gala time with family and friends.

Amazing scenic view

The place serves an ecstatic scenic view of the great Dubai desert, with the golden light reflecting over the sand dunes. The beautiful blend of the sunrise and the sandy terrain poses great satisfaction to the viewer amidst the gigantic sand dunes here. Visitors can get enthralled to their senses with the majestic camel rides and the magnificent view of nature here. Tourists can even learn about the history of Bedouin life and their habitats within the private camps here.

Watch the sunrise

Watching the sunrise from the Dubai desert is an ethereal beauty, with the golden light and the sand mixing together. Individuals can enjoy the morning desert safari Dubai view while touring on a 4×4 through the desert. The stunning view can definitely amaze anyone’s senses here, along with the major rides. Winters are a great time to enjoy the wonderful ambiance amid the Dubai desert sands.

Bashing the dunes

One of the best rides to avail yourself of in the Dubai desert is the dune bashing ride. Individuals can enjoy this ride with their friends or families while clicking selfies throughout. Do check for desert safari Dubai deals with your tour operator when going with family or group. Tourists are kept seated inside an SUV vehicle and made to run through the sloping dunes across the desert. The jumps and bumps through the place are a thrill to catch and are enjoyed by travelers here. It’s a great way to wind down and indulge in an adrenaline rush here.

Enjoy a camel ride

Enjoy a camel ride

Camels and deserts have quite a connection, and it is a must to enjoy the camel rides here for this purpose. The rides are quite soothing across the desert while feeling the cool desert breeze and checking out the distinct wildlife in the Arabian desert. Individuals can also glance upon the Bedouins roaming across the deserts with their camels in tow. Later, the camel ride concludes at the Conservation Center, located within the desert.

Quad biking activities

Tourists and travelers opting to visit the deserts of Dubai can enjoy the adrenaline rush of quadbike rides. Various operators and agencies work on this adventure activity in the desert and provide travelers with the option of hiring quad bikes. Revelers can enjoy the rides while bashing through the sands and jumping over the dunes. Instructors are there to help with the activity processes and provide proper details for riding the vehicles.

Dining and BBQ party

There are options for travelers provided by operators here that provide dining and BBQ parties for their guests. The dining delicacies consist of varied cuisines across the world with mouth-watering dishes to gorge on. Refreshments and beverages are also on the list, along with beautiful live performances from the enigmatic belly dancers here. A BBQ party is also arranged amidst the desert for the guests to make merry over the desert sands.

Relish the live performances and shows

Individuals wanting to spend time here while booking a desert safari can wonder over the beautiful live performances of the dancers and performers. Stilt-walking shows with fire juggling are a major treat to watch here. Henna tattoos with traditional Arabian music performances are on exhibit for visitors here amid the Dubai desert. Individuals can also check out the starters and beverages available around the camps here in the Dubai desert.


In summary, these are the 7 best reasons to visit the Dubai desert and engage in the wonderful activities available. Individuals can enjoy the majestic scenic view of the Dubai desert along with the dune bashing activity to engage in. For sightseeing purposes, individuals can also avail themselves of camel rides and see the distinct wildlife around the Dubai desert.

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