Visit london in a week: recommended itinerary


Thanks to my itinerary for visiting London in a week , you will have all the answers to your questions: from my tips to avoid queuing to visits to do day by day , you will know exactly how to organize your days!

And that’s not all, I also offer you my selection of the best hotels to sleep in during these 7 days in London and ideas for activities to do for a family trip.

So what to do in London in 1 week? Or sleep?

The English capital , like all the other European capitals (from Spain , Italy or France) attracts millions of visitors every year . And all these travelers will want to do like you: discover the essentials like the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey.

Well, don’t worry, it’s no longer inevitable ! By following my advice, you can optimize your visit to London by avoiding waiting.

Here are the 2 solutions I recommend to save as much time as possible during your week-long trip to London:

1. The London Pass

Buying the London Pass for your one-week itinerary in London is the first solution I offer you.

By giving you direct access to all of London’s sights , it means you won’t have to wait in line! We understand better why this kind of Pass is now adopted by all major cities.

Super practical , the London Pass, which is in fact an electronic pass to download to your smartphone , must be scanned at the entrances to each site (provided it is included of course).

It has a validity period of between 1 to 10 days . You can choose when purchasing the Pass.

The London Pass comes in the form of a tourist credit which is deducted each time you enter the main tourist sites: for example the 7-day London Pass at 740 credits , which corresponds to €740 of entry while it only costs 167€ on purchase!!

Here’s what the London Pass includes:

Access to over 80 of London’s best sights and museums which are the majority of must-see attractions that I have included in this one week London tour: Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Tower Bridge …
A hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tour. For anyone who cannot walk for a long time or if you are going to visit London with your children for 1 week, this will be useful.
Discounts in some souvenir shops

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